Friday, January 22, 2010

Dining Room Update: Now All I Need is a Table!

It's time for a new dining room. 1) Because my furniture is out of style and 2) because it's falling apart. See Exhibit A to the right. I have no idea how that chair broke, but I do know why the table is falling apart. Several years ago, my light fixture dropped straight out of the ceiling and was hanging by wires...while it was on. Naturally, I feared there would be an electrical fire, so I ran over, climbed up on the table and tried to keep things from falling even worse. Then I burned my hand and heard the table start to crack. Turns out the table wasn't made to hold my weight. Shocking, I know.

So, the chair started the big push for new decor. I love to throw dinner parties and usually host 6 - 8 people. Now, you know that the condo isn't a castle. It's tiny, but my dining room really IS a good size. I liked the square shape of my table, but frankly, everything that is square now is either uber-mod (no, thanks) or pub height (not be deal). I've shopped with measuring tape and note books for a while now and have finally decided on a rectangle or oval shaped table.

And you know I found my scrumptious chairs. Yep, I bought 6 from Ballard and blogged about it here.

But did you know that I also bought two accent chairs this week? They'll live in another room, but be brought out for dinner parties. I think they're heaven!!! I've loved ghost chairs for some time now, but JUST found them on for a fraction of the price. Thanks to Monica for creating a polyvore that led me to them!

So now, all that is left is the table. Here are some of my options and favorite places to shop for furniture. Please note that I'm NOT including Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel. My goal is to not have the same dining room as my neighbor!!!

Pier 1 - Shockingly good prices and unique style. Sometimes I leave there scratching my head and sometimes I SCORE! Here's a table that is a strong contender. Especially as it's on clearance right now!
HomeGoods - ALWAYS a find. Sadly, I haven't found any tables there lately that fit the bill.

Living Spaces - GAWD, I hate their logo. Seriously, that font has got to go. BUT, dang, they've got good prices and they have SAME DAY DELIVERY. For those of us that love instant gratification, it's awesome. Quality might be questionable, though. Still, this table might be in the running!
Macy's Home - MAJA sale going on right now. If you're in the market for furniture or mattresses, don't miss this boat! I only wish this table weren't more than $8,000 bucks. SERIOUSLY - and that's the sale price! Don't be turned off by this price. They have some REALLY affordable options, but naturally, I fell in love with the ridiculously-priced one! And no, I wouldn't EVER spend that kind of money on a table.
Cost Plus - Did you know that in some places it's referred to as Cost Plus and in others it's known as World Market? Weird! Anywhooo, they have great prices...comparable to Pier 1, but maybe a little more funky.
Bassett - More pricey, but the quality is DIVINE. My couches are from Bassett and I've been exceedingly pleased with how they've held up!So, now you know the shopping that's on MY mind. What have you been shopping for lately? And, if you have any thoughts on the tables I suggested (other than the Macy's one!), I'd love to hear them!!!

I'm sharing this post with The Inspired Room and Kelly's Korner today. Please go check them out, because Melissa (at The Inspired Room) is a friend and her site is ALWAYS so inspirational and fun and Kelly's site is all about favorite places to shop! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Wow - you can find an antique Sheraton dining table for less than 8k (I'd even let you have mine for free - but mine is not as pretty - and apparently it's sentimental to someone else in the house).

Not loving the P1 table proportion's - but I like the leg detail. How much does the Basset number hurt? She's pretty darn stylish!

Anonymous said...

And the black arm chairs are smoking. I'm totally jealous.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

All of these are great. I really love the lines of the last one. It seems classic but not fussy to me!!! I like the peir1 choice as well.

The accent chairs are awesome!!!

CarleeKajsa said...

i love my table from cost plus - i love the bench because you can fit more buns w/o chairs...but you already have those darling chairs, so maybe the that last table would work better!

Mama Bub said...

LOVE Living Spaces! We bought our couch from there last year. They have the best customer service there, too. No being followed around desperately like other furniture stores.

Gwen said...

Try as I might, I still call it Cost Plus. That used to be their name when the only one around was over in Hacienda Heights and it will always be that name for me.

Laurelstreet has a good idea, what about an antique?

Lisa Lattimore said...

The Basset and Pier 1 tables you picked are my faves. Just thought I'd put my two cents in since I will be enjoying them at least twice a year. ;-) (...hmmm...maybe twice a year doesn't give me room for input. We'll have to get together more often!)

Ashley said...

I like the style of the one from Cost Plus, but the color of the one from Bassett. And I think my input is very important. Seeing as how I'll be dining with you at this table. Frequently. Especially when vanilla cake ball lollipops are for dessert.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hope you find the perfect table! :-) I've been frequenting Cost Plus World market :- ) and Pier One lately for random accessories. Hit or miss for me on both but sometimes I am very surprised by what I find!

~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~ said...

I'm looking for parson chairs right now - 6 beige-ish more plain ones with 2 accent ones. I just bought a brand new Jessica McClintock table on ebay for $400!! I know how to wheel and deal with the best of 'em! I'll check out the links you have for chairs. I love Ballard Designs, but I'm looking for way cheaper...I hate this recession. lol

Great blog! Found ya via SITS!