Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Catalog Inspirations Can Become Reality!

Just before NYE, I was at home flipping through the latest Ballard Designs catalog. I used to think they were over-priced and snooty falooty, but then I really took a second look at price in regards to quality...and I fell in love. Santa brought me the GREATEST cocktail cart/tray table that now sits as extra serving space in my teeny dining room. So trust me when I say that I'm now a Ballard Designs TB...true believer!

As I was flipping through the pages and dreaming that I lived in one of the beautiful rooms on each and every page, I decided to start and inspiration file. Then I decided to really dig down deep and determine what it was about those photos that really stood out to me to see if I could replicate that feeling and not just copy the room piece by piece.


The home office in this photo was the first place that I decided to start. It is similar to MY home office...just a wall in a multi-purpose room. Yes, some of us are not living in their castle just quite yet.

I liked that it was functional (see the computer), but still decorative. I think, however, that my favorite part about the desk is that it is devoid of clutter...on top AND underneath.


I need to start by confessing that I've had a clutter the max! In 2009, I began a photography business in my home and with that comes lots of cords, USB drives, and multiple hard drives. PLUS, I had a huge printer/scanner combo all shoved under my desk. Sometimes, I can't even scootch my chair all the way in. YIKES! It's not pretty or elegant or classy or stately...all words that I'd LIKE to use to describe my office area.


I began by realizing that I rarely used the printer, so it could be stored away easily and only brought out when needed. Then I thought about how the desk drawer was only holding scraps of paper and could easily hold excess cords, etc. Then I noticed that there was ample room under my desk for a new shelf that could hold my laptop and hard drives. I measured the space, then headed to the Depot, purchased some MDF and L brackets, then headed home. My little project took NO TIME and it provided excellent results. Lastly, I decided to take a little inspiration from the photo and make a literal change by stacking a couple of beautiful hardbound books on the floor next to the desk...and I LOVE my results!


CarleeKajsa said...

great job jen! the wire issues are always a problem! i hate seeing wires and i love minimal desks...either get an apple or get creative!

Shanna - My Favorite Everything said...

Great job on the redo! I hate wires too and go wireless wherever possible!!

kelly said...

I love love love that desk. (& that makeover is fab too!)

Kimm at Reinvented said...

You go girl! I'm lovin' that desk, so cool!