Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Favorites

I had this long blog post all written out for a linky carnival (or whatev we're calling them this week), but then I started laughing on the way home from work while listening to my favorite XM station.

See, I have XM radio for the sole purpose of having real time traffic in my car. You know that I'm a commuter and real time traffic is CRITICAL to my sanity. Anywhoo, when I got the XM, I set it to one station that seemed "pop-y", but the songs were all too young and hip...but I left it there. Next thing I knew, I could sing all the words to all the songs - and boy are they hilarious.

So, in honor of my latest faves, here are a few songs you need to hear!

"Try to find the words to describe this girl, without bein' disrespectful. DAMN girl." Nuff said. (FYI - there's a lot of bikini bods in this video...I recommend that you just listen as the video is pretty shady.)

Dang it, but this song makes me want to stop in the middle of traffic, get out of my car and DANCE!

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard this song lately. E! is playing it as the lead in for award season...which is fine with me, cuz I LOVE it!

Okay, so thanks for indulging my crazy blog post today. I think the root of this post is that I need to go DANCING, ya baby!!!


Shuggilippo said...

How ridiculous I look right now busting a move in my office, windows open, computer speakers blaring, (still) in my pjs.

Hot mess.

Bianca said...

I loved every one of these songs.

We need serious help.

Nishant said...

it's drying out, then I'd be Thanks for sharing!

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Sabrina said...

Ha! Fun post! These songs are all on my workout mix....they might be a little young for me too but they get you movin'!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

We should have sang that last one at Blissdom. I was ready.