Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Golfed with a Legend and I Didn't Know It!

On Friday, I had the privilege of golfing in the LA County Junior Golf Foundation's Annual Tournament, which is cosponsored by the LPGA. The fun part of the tournament is that every foursome gets to play with a junior and a LPGA pro. As a newer golfer (only two years under my belt), I don't know many famous golfers, other than Tiger, Phil, etc, you know, the ones that get all the major press coverage. As a result, our pro's name didn't ring any bells for me.

At the end of the gorgeous day of golf at the Pacific Palms Resort, I learned that our lovely LPGA pro, Sandra Palmer, an older woman with a great and consistent game, was the leading money winner on the tour (which she played on for 30 plus years), won 30 tournaments, at least, and is a hall of famer. CRAZY, HUH?! She was so humble and kind and was an encourager to our foursome and the junior...until the end of the day, in which she told me my putting was the worst. Hilarious! I didn't care, though, as it was true, but also because Friday was my BEST GOLF GAME EVER! It was thrilling to finally get rid of my weird kinks and just be able to play well.

Golf for me is a sport that I took up randomly because work asked me to do so. I'm not a natural athlete...I'm a dancer and waterskier, and that's about it. So for me to learn a new sport and not throw a temper tantrum at every tee box is huge...let alone to play well!

So, because it's blazing hot out still here in OC and Fall truly doesn't appear to be making herself known just yet, who wants to join me at the driving range?! I promise to be just as encouraging and kind as my new friend, the LPGA pro was!!!


Angry Julie Monday said...

You are such the golfer...I was once told to never step on a golf course again...and that was by a golf instructor.

CarleeKajsa said...

nice "follow true" as bryson would say - i am sure he would go with you, but i dont have as much self-discipline as you and would surely throw my golf club at someone!

Shuggilippo said...

Yah that frame was just hanging there, in the same spot, with a crooked Ikea product insert. It drove me crazy forever. Ha!

Life with Kaishon said...

That is SO cool : ) I love your golf shoes. Mary Janes. They are so classic and cool : )

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

You are so brave! I probably would have had a panic attack. That is really super cool!