Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Baby Toupees

Before my 2 1/2 year old niece was born, I found the silliest gift for my brother and SIL. But it was really more for a baby boy...and they had a girl. Fast forward a couple of years and now I DO have a nephew and that silly gift is PERFECT for him.

Baby Phoenix is a sooooooper mellow child. He's six months old and just likes to cuddle and smile all day long. When I was in Denver this weekend, I happened to store all my stuff in the playroom and I found the gift and new a photoshoot with the nephew was in store. He, being the good baby that he is, indulged me and let me snap a few funny pics.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...
baby in a rasta wig!

HOW FUN IS THAT?! If you haven't yet been over to, I highly encourage you to do so. They've got Donald Trump wigs, Lil Kim wigs, and more. How can you not love a company whose mission is to show that while parenting can be a great responsibility, it can also be a source of endless amusement?

In other news...I've reached my 100 followers milestone and will be announcing a fancy and frilly GIVEAWAY tomorrow!!! Hope you're as excited about it as I am! Come on back in the morning to see what you can win! WOO HOO!


Mrs. Limestone said...

Baby toupees just might be the funniest inventions ever!

Living With Lindsay said...

Okay, that is seriously awesome.

Liz.ard said...

I just went to Jamaica and they totally need to have that there haha they are awesome!

Angry Julie Monday said...

Geez, I love this soo much. That picture is adorable!!