Thursday, September 17, 2009

CONDO2CASTLE: Dressing Your Table

I bought my kitchen/dining room table for just over 200 bucks in 2002...that included four chairs and a bench. It's awesome, seats 8 people, and is an unusual big square. I like that it's different, seats many people, and fills my dining room perfectly.

But it doesn't exactly fit my style anymore...has that ever happened to you?

I thought about replacing the table and chairs, but then I decided that the big square table really was the perfect size for entertaining in my small condo. The fact that it seats so many really makes the dining room feel bigger. So then I realized that I just needed to repurpose it. Because the chairs and bench are farm-style, I decided to replace them with something else. But when I thought about how to change the table, I realized paint wasn't my only option!

In my ever present obsession with design magazines, etc, I came across pictures of elegant and eclectic kitchens/dining rooms. I noticed that many of the images I was drawn to included color and elegance through linens. Many of the photos below show small rooms, but the way the rooms were styled, you'd never know that they lack square footage! If you're in the same boat that I'm in, join me in using linens to turn your condo into a castle that you're proud to host dinner parties in! Changing your table doesn't mean replacing it, sometimes it just takes a few scraps of linen.

I love how the colors in these linens aren't too matchy matchy, but that they coordinate with the walls and artwork.
via BH&G

Speaking of matchy matchy, I'm slightly overwhelmed by the colors here, however, the quality of the fabrics are high end and bring a sense of glamour and elegance.
via BH&G

For the eclectic home, there are fabrics that can dramatically change the appearance, as well. I like how color breaks up the black and white color scheme and brings the outdoors in.
via Apartment Therapy

Ina Garten's amazing kitchen uses linens to make the table feel cozier. She uses mismatched chairs, some that are oversized, to make it feel less like a kitchen, and more like a place to sit around a while and enjoy her company. I really like that and may borrow her idea!
via House Beautiful

This home matches the gauzy burlap table linens to the window coverings. It adds a Tuscan feel, and along with the chandelier, can make any builder basic home turn into an Italian retreat.
via House Beautiful

I'm sharing this post over at Hooked on Fridays, Julia's super cool blog carnival or linky party or whatever you cool kids are calling them because...I'M HOOKED ON BEAUTIFUL TABLE LINENS!


Anonymous said...

Creative way to re-purpose what you already have! Can't wait to see what you do -- comfy chairs and linens?

Debbykay @ Rose Cottage Rose Gardens and Farm

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

You made me want to run out tomorrow and get a tablecloth! Beautiful photos!


Porch Days said...

I hope you are going to do before and after pictures for your curious blogging friends! Can't wait!

Robin said...

I also love table linens, they are the equivalent of a fresh coat of paint on the walls (but a lot less messy!). I have a table form the 20s and the length is standard but the width is extra wide so my purchased table cloths are always too short on the sides. I have taken to buying two shorter cloths and overlapping them in the "wrong" direction.

And I love that pic of Ina Garten's kitchen, I always wondered if the kitchen on her show was her real kitchen or a set, but I guess it is real!

Inspired Comblogulations said...

I am suffering with the same table delima...good information, I will give it a try...I think I need chair covers to pull it off...some of those are as pricey as a new chair! Augh! Unless you sew, which not me. LOL

Naomi said...

Love the green and white tree table cloth. I'm always on the hunt for more-modern table linens.

kenziekylanmom said...

My BFF just bought a new sectional couch for her den and she brought her little love seat into her dining room and put it on one side of the table, it's one of those that has wooden legs and it sits at the perfect hight for her table and it's super cute and she bought matching linens and it TOTALLY changes the look of her dining room. I thought it was clever!

Jessica said...

I like the green one with the tree, and who doesn't love Ina's kitchen? I'd love to see what you do with your table and chairs.

Just Spotted said...

i love table linens too! the funny thing is, i never actually use them! i need to work on that!

xoxo, K

Living With Lindsay said...

We could always go to my fave cheap fabric store and see if they have anything you like -- and whip you up a new table cloth while you are here. Just sayin!