Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dirty Dancing

I was in junior high when Dirty Dancing came out. As a dancer, who began at the age of 2 and never really stopped, I knew I HAD to see this movie. But, my conservative mother said she had to watch it first before I was allowed to see it. Then she CRUSHED me and wouldn't let me go see the PG-13 film. There was inappropriate content for 12 year old eyes, you see.

Well, I didn't see. I was so angry. So angry, that I did what any other rebelious older child would do. I befriended a latch key kid and saw it at her house the moment it came out on VHS! (Incidentally, that's how I first saw Pretty Woman - ha!).

Being the good Christian girl that I was, it wasn't long before I confessed my sin to my mother and was punished. To this day, I can't go very long without ratting myself out...I'd make a terrible spy!

The funny thing about me seeing Dirty Dancing at twelve years old was that I didn't understand at least half of the suggestive content. I knew it was romantic, but I just LOVED the dancing. So, in honor of Patrick Swayze's passing, and his inspiration as a dancer, I'm including the link for the world's MOST romantic dance number ever! RIP Johnny Castle.


Vintage Junky said...

Great post. My mom let me watch it... I think I was in 3rd grade. My grandmother had a fit!! But, I didn't understand anything and giggled when they showed his butt! I remember knowing every word to this movie and having the soundtrack. I haven't watched it in years, but I think I will soon.


Tira J said...

Love that movie. And I think it is my Mom's favorite. When it came out on DVD she told me that she HAD to have it. I miss him!

Jane @ Finding Fabulous said...

So sad about Patrick's passing. I'll never forget watching that movie with my best girlfriends in high school! He was one of a kind!

CarleeKajsa said...

i hadnt heard he died! so sad! and PS my mom took me to see pretty woman in the theaters! haha!

Anonymous said...

My mom didn't want me to watch it either. My best friend and I got a copy of it and watched it a dozen times. My mom still doesn't know. ;)

Suz Broughton said...

You know what's so funny, I was the same way, I always ended up telling on myself. Always.
I'm a bit older than you but Grease was like that for me. My mom wouldn't let me see it and then when I did I didn't 'get' half the sex stuff. I just liked the music and the romance.

Suz Broughton said...

Oh, and RIP Patrick Swazye

Inspired Comblogulations said...

I love the name of your blog and actually considered naming mine that... then I saw yours and you beat me to it...I always said talk is cheap.
I am new to blogging and thought I would join along... I will put you on my blog list.

I was to old to ask my mom about this flick.

Lee @ Inspired Comblogulations

Mrs. Querido said...

My favorite is Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights...love the latin rhythms!

Anonymous said...

Might I have been that said friend???