Monday, March 22, 2010

Virtual Vino: Stemless Wine Glasses

Sooooo, you know those super cute stemless wine glasses that everyone is carrying these days?

I'm here to tell you that they don't really work well for all spite of their cuteness.

Here's why:

Red wine tastes best when it has time to breath and open up. Using a stemless wine glass is great because the heat from your hands causes a natural chemical reaction in the wine to open up all the flavors. If you're going to use stemless for your reds, make sure they have a wider opening, because this, too, allows for oxidization with releases even more flavor!

However, the same is not true for white wines and sparkling wines. The beauty of white wines and sparkling wines (IMHO) is their crispness. The cold enhances and encapsulates the flavor. Many people enjoy white wines on a hot day because they are so refreshing and delicious...but as they begin to warm up or go room temperature, the flavor is not enhanced like a red wine, but rather flattens a bit. So why would you do that intentionally by drinking out of a stemless glass and allowing your body heat to ruin the flavor?

Be merry!

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