Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Time for You to Go!

Do you ever look around your house and narrow in on something and think to yourself (or even say out loud) "it's time for you to go"?

If you're anything like me, you'll occasionally furnish your home with things that are good enough for now, but that you may not want to stick with forever. Sometimes these items are on sale, or the deal to be had at a thrift store, HomeGoods, or a yard sale was so killer that you HAD to have it. Sometimes it's a gift. Sometimes it's a relic that you bought for your first house and you even forgot you had it.

I recently took a walk through my house to determine what I was going to edit, repurpose, or donate to the charity or the library and I realized that I was totally on autopilot in one room...the bathroom. I honest to goodness think it's because I'm so exhausted until I jump into the shower that I don't even see anything...and it's also because I don't have my contacts in either. Ha!

But that doesn't mean my bathroom (in all it's TEENY glory) should be ignored!  If I don't care for the decals I purchased a couple of years ago, I don't have to live with them anymore...that was the whole point of decals in the first place!

It's time for me to get rid of things that were okay once, but aren't really singing to me the decals!

What do you look at in your house and scratch your head about? Tell me I'm not the only one who impulse buys and then forgets about the item!!!  When was the last time you uttered/thought:
It's time for you to GO!


Debra from Bungalow said...

I heart ya! Lately I'm feeling like lots of things need to go!

The art over the couch and our family room coffee table...I'd really like to see them leave.

Sometimes I just get tired of looking at the same things and feel the need to freshen up.

Bianca said...

My whole closet and old shoes. Call me Emelda Marcos, but I have shoes for no purpose under my bed.

It's time for them to go...

Jeannie Mai said... bad fashions count? U name acid wash spandex waistbands from Save by the Bell days. but I can't toss! My hammer pants became wearable last season dammit!