Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Perfect Pumpkin

Last Monday, while hopping around blogland, I came across THIS POST by AnNicole at Our Suburban Cottage. It was about pumpkins and decor...and I actually liked it! And you know how I don't like holiday decor!

Having said that, these pumpkins were shiny and blingy, and I kinda loved them! I ran out and bought my first pumpkin in years (at Trader's, no less - for only 4 bucks, too!), and rummaged around the house for paint! I found a metallic silver paint and some brushes - SCORE - and got to work.

Last night, I was about to sit down and edit some photos like a good lil photographer, when inspiration came over me...or maybe it was just distraction. Regardless, I finally carved my pumpkin!!! It's not perfect, but it's all mine!

What do you think, does it say JJ? HA!
And I had to show this one, too, because I totally had the exposure off on my first pic. Isn't it super spooky??? Love it!


Living With Lindsay said...

Love it! Gorg.

angela said...

I love the monogram pumpkin! It looks great!