Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

Lindsay is going to die when she sees this! I made a stink about her birthday on twitter, too. But you know what? I LOVE birthdays, and not just my own. I love everything about celebrating people on their special day.

Today, I'm so excited to celebrate Lindsay, because she's the one who really pushed me to open up my blog to the world. I've blogged since 2005, but really only shared it with select friends and family members, but at the beginning of this year, she used one of my posts on her site and encouraged me to share my thoughts with the "outside." Ha!

I'm in awe of her creativity and what she's been able to accomplish this year...but I really shouldn't be, because she's dang smart. In grad school, I always hoped to take classes with her, so I'd have a built in study buddy. She just knew it all...and I NEVER did. And though we are of opposing view points on a few things, she never made me feel attacked or like my opinion was lesser than hers. Now that's the kind of friend I like!

She's also a rockin mom and wife. I still laugh when I think about my visit out there on how Zack kept coming out of his room when he was supposed to be resting. Each gentle reprimand was followed up by an "I love you." And have you seen what she did to his room? It's nothing short of amazing!

Everyone be sure to wish Lindsay a happy birthday over at her site. And Lindsay, I hope you had a WONDERFUL day! Can't wait to see some video tutorials with your new Flip!


Living With Lindsay said...

OMG, JJ!! You made me cry! Thank you so much for saying such sweet things. :) Love you!

Angry Julie Monday said...

Ahhh CUTE!!! Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!

Sandy said...

Hi JJ, I must say you're a great friend!

Happy BD Lindsay! :)