Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lindsay Has the Coolest Craft Room EVER!!!

On my visit to Living with Lindsay's house, I encountered the CUTEST craft room ever...and I'm unbelievably jealous. And I don't even really craft that much. But don't worry, you'll take a look at the photos below and be in the same boat.

I had no idea how crafty this girl was when I met her 10 years ago. Her house is unbelievably beautiful and all the personal touches and projects make it a home.

Lindsay has shown this pics off before, but I wanted to share why I love them so much - she really knows how to create nice vignettes! Dear Traditional Home and House Beautiful, please inspire me to be more like my friend...or maybe I just need Lindsay to come visit ME so she can impart her wisdom all over my teeny tiny condo!

I'm also quite jealous of her big fat cat, Willy. When we lived in DC and I visited her apartment for the first time, she warned me that she had a big fat mean cat. I had a fat cat, so I thought I knew what I was in for...boy, was I deceived. I had no idea cats could even come this big! He used to hide under the bed, but I didn't know how he'd even fit! Having said that, while he still hides in this house, he's a much gentler soul nowadays!


Angry Julie Monday said...

Beautiful room. Maybe we need to be crafty? And that is a fat cat.

Janet said... jealous...i want a dress form so bad....Great room! ;)

Living With Lindsay said...

Thanks for cropping all of the junk I had piled up everywhere out of your shots! That's where the "magic happens," so it can't possibly ever be picked up. I just shut the door and walk away.

Good 'ole, Willy. He's going to out live us all somehow.

I'm totally gonna come to OC sometime, so we can play vignettes!

Kristin said...

Wow, that is gorgeous. I lived with her sis in college. I don't know if Miss Leigh shares the craft bug. Ah ha

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Very cute room! And you got to hang out there? Nice :-) Oh, and hanging out with Lindsay too? Very nice!