Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Company Christmas Party

Well, another great company Christmas party has passed and I have funny stories to share. First of all, even in a "down economy", my friends are WLC know how to party like rock stars. Ha! We arrived in Newport to get on the boat and naturally the first thing that happens is we are handed a glass of champagne while stepping on...actually it was more like this: man in uniform asks me "would you care for a glass of champagne" to which my response is something like "DUH!" HA! I actually didn't say that, but I was certainly thinking it! ; )

The downstairs part of the boat was set up with yummy food and some gambling tables...I didn't spend much time there because...there was a dance floor. A couple of glasses of Veuve Clicquot and a dance floor, equal Dancing Machine JJ! But I digress...

During dinner, which was delish, there were light Christmas-y jazz songs playing, which quickly transitioned into some R&B. No one really payed attention until I realized that the DJ was playing "Sexual Healing"...my table (filled with the bad kids), naturally thought this was hilarious and that someone must have requested it, which led to us getting up and requesting random shout outs to other coworkers like "She's Like the Wind" and "November Rain." Then, as the dancing got started, we gave a shoutout to a coworker who HATES the song "September" and that made us all jump up onto the dance floor. I honestly didn't sit down once for the next three hours...I even danced with my assistant to some random ritmo latino song that she loved. ; ) My boss said to me on Monday that she was worried about me driving home. I guess when you dance all night, people assume you are tanked...but I, as a trained professional in the art of drinking, know when to cut it off and drink diet cokes for the rest of the night!

I took my camera with every intention of taking fun photos with coworkers, but alas, I did not. I did find the creepiest Santa statue EVER downstairs by the buffet and had one of the boat workers snap my photo with him, which cracks me up just to look at!

The other funny thing about the night was that I was sitting with my General Counsel and Director of HR, so you'd think that I'd be at the stuffy table, but noooooooo! When I got home and looked through my camera, I found roughly 10 pics of my butt. Yes, my HR director, one of the most inappropriate people on staff, stole my camera and took some lovely and LARGE photos. Gotta love it!!!

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