Tuesday, December 30, 2008

35 Years and Counting

My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary yesterday, which is AMAZING! Really, there's not too many things you can say when you look at a marriage that is successful these days...and it's not just that my parents are still together after all this time, but they still love and even more importantly LIKE each other. : )

I'm so in awe of my parents...they show each other love and have never sacrificed their relationship with one another for something of this world. In the tough times, they have trogged along and made each other their priority. I'm not going to lie, as wonderful as they are, it's intimidating to be around at times. I wonder if I'll ever be as forgiving and as loving as the two of them are. I certainly have started paying attention to them over the last couple of years in the ways they relate to one another in hopes that someday I'll show as much love and grace to my future husband.

Not many love stories begin in high school between a football player and a songleader that end in an everlasting love. In fact, as a former high school leader at church, I often teased girls who said they were "in love". Teenagers don't know what love is, I'd rationalize to myself (probably a defense mechanism for this old gal who hasn't figured it out, yet). I do know one thing, though, that my parents wonderful marriage - that began as kids - was founded on their love for the Lord and has remained that way through the trials and tribulations (3 kids!) of life.

Thanks Mom and Dad for being such a perfect example of marriage and for showing us kids God's love through your lives. I love you!

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