Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at Work!

So, we had the annual mandatory Halloween costume party at "the developer" again. This year, the Public Affairs Dept was determined to win...sadly, we did not. However, we believe it's because we have the smallest department, not because we didn't have killer costumes. AND we should have gotten extra points for dressing up as a Chino icon. What were we, you ask?! The Prison City Derby Dames...the Chino women's roller derby team! I was GLAMazon, Boss Lady was BreakHer Babe, and the Assistant was Aztec Queen. What do YOU think of our costumes???
The Derby Dames

The Assistant's daughter is a makeup artist and taught her how to put on bruises and tattoos. Fierce, aren't we?!
I even got a tatoo on my back!
My sister helped us out by putting our faces into pics and then I made posters and "tickets" which I placed all around the office! Everyone LOVED them and thought that they could have been real!
Boss Lady really loved this one!
Ya, I totally posed upside down for this one...ha!
Our Team!

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