Monday, October 13, 2008

The Buggie came to visit!

Last weekend, Greg Bug (and Danny) came to visit to go and see Buddy's race. When we got to the racetrack, she was already there, hanging with Grammy. We played for a while and later went out to dinner. On Sunday, I spent some time over there with them, too. My love grows for this precious little girl more and more each time I see her. She's verbal now and it's just hilarious to see how she's starting to view things and ask questions. When she cries and wants to be held, she says "hold you", which totally just breaks my heart and melt even more. Here are a few pics of my adventures with my niece.

She thinks it's funny to steal my sunglasses
She gave cuddles to Carlee's baby/belly
She ran around and played chase with cousin Bryson (who is just a year older than her)
She loves to brush her teeth...or maybe she really just loves the minty toothpaste
She LOVES to eat
She LOVES Grammy and to say CHEESE
She likes Nemo, or as she calls it, Meemo, and cuddling
She LOVES eating Daddy's spaghetti, even when he's not done with it

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