Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun weekend

Friday night - drinks and nachos at Las Brisas with the Fitzgeralds and Barbie. then swung by Barnes & Noble, bought some books and read with a glass (or three) of wine on the couch till nighty night.

Saturday - met the Elefante's bright and early and headed into LA for the USC football tailgate and game. ate way too much, enjoyed beers, saw an old friend from the Schwarzenegger days. went home, got ready and wento to dinner with the Venegas' and Dana and Scott at some swank new place in CdM...very tasty. drank champagne and ate an INCREDIBLE creme brulee.

Sunday - went to lunch with girlfriends from HS and their children....yes, children. they all had them. we ate at the Rainforest Cafe and I'm SHOCKED that kids don't crap their pants in fear... swung by my parents house, lounged for a bit with them and Miss Kitty. grabbed a beer with my friend Matt in Fullerton, then swung over to the Fitzgeralds for dinner and more champagne and lots of Little Baby J.

So as you can weekend with filled with friends, food, and booze. While it was great, I didn't clean, take in my drycleaning, buy stamps, or groceries...basically I avoided any of the things that I needed to do, but do I mind one bit??? Nah!!!

Clare, Matt, Little Baby J, and me


Kelly said...

Gosh that does sound like fun! I'm jealous...except for sitting through a football game. If you had said you tailgated before hitting the spa or mall...then I would be in!! (but I guess you don't really tailgate for those things)

Beks said...