Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tool Talk Tuesday featuring Remodeling Guy!!!

The great thing about the blogosphere is having the opportunity to read creative people's blogs and learn from them...and that's the EXACT reason why I've been loving Tim's blog. Tim is Remodeling Guy and he has an awesome blog dedicated to helping you build your dream without losing your mind, money, or marriage! How great is that?!

Not only is Tim's blog instructional, but it's also entertaining! I recently exchanged a few emails with him because I selected him as one of the blogs I enjoy following on Twitter and he sent me a thank you note...so he's also really kind! I asked him to participate in Tool Talk Tuesday and not only did he agree, but he jumped in with both feet! I'm really excited to share this with you and so I'll shut up now and let Tim do the talking!!!


The Route(r) to True Happiness

Hello! Welcome to Tool Talk Tuesday! I'm honored that Jen has given me free reign to see how many readers I can scare off in one day!

Nothing like a picture of an axe to and some blow guns to start off! Cool Tools

Well, it's not JUST an axe and some blow guns, there's other stuff too. Maybe I should explain. Here goes...

I said "Jen, what tool should I talk about? I have too many!" So Jen, being the creative soul she is (don't you just love her photography!) came up with a great idea. She said "You must have a workbench or something, just go take a picture and pick out a tool that isn't, like, totally basic." Okay, I can do that.

So here you have not a workbench, but one of the walls in my shop. I carefully avoided any picture which might show the floor lest you get a clue as to my housekeeping. I need to sweep, a little. But this wall here was presentable. So which one of these beauties should I pick?

Routers Are Cool

Not that the other tools aren't cool, they are, and I love them too, but Jen told me to pick one tool. Something about people not wanting to read for hours, I forget how she worded it... Here is a telephoto zoom shot:


As you can see there are two routers in the picture, a couple of others were camera shy and are out of the shot. I think I have four. That's because these things are awesome! They totally rock and I'll tell you why.

My Router's #1 Use

More than anything else, I use a router to round off the edge of huge piles of wood. This is especially handy if I'm making furniture or handrails or window-sills. Anything that needs a rounded off edge, or an edge with a cool profile, can be done with a router. (thats not roooter, it's R - owe! - ter)

These tools are really very versitile and can be used for more jobs than I can list. I would say that for anyone looking to do a fair amount of woodwork, this is an important tool to have. So once you've rounded up the saws, the drills, and the rest of the basics, get a router.

I also show a router table in the picture, that's a neat attachement which makes working with smaller pieces much safer and more comfortable. Router tables have a number of other uses, but I'm afraid I'm going to put you to sleep if I list them!

Cordless is Good

If I could only have one router I can tell you which one I would pick. Thanks to the incredible advances of modern technology, there are now respectable cordless routers! I know...I couldn't believe it either! Go cordless, with a lithium-ion battery, at least 18 volts. I have a Ryobi.

Words of Caution

If you decide to ask your significant other if they want a router; clarify that it has nothing to do with the wireless internet. That it's for working on the house...

If you get the idea, like I just did, to go looking for a cool router video on the internet. Don't do it! Trust me. Maybe I just was unlucky, but those were some BORING videos.

And power tools should never be boring. Right?... RIGHT?


Is Tim great, or what?! Thanks SO MUCH Remodeling Guy for all your instruction and inspiration!!! Any time you want to come to CA, I'll show you some fun features on your camera and you can teach me how to use some of the tools I have but still confuse me! : )


Living with Lindsay said...

How great! I think DH is obsessed with is router as much as Tim is.

Great "Tool Talk Tuesday" post!

Anonymous said...

Awesome guest invite and a fun post! I will work to find something to route.

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Hi Jen - Don't you love Tim! It's so fun that he guest posted for you. I'm desperately wanting some power tools. And this post just added to my list.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Tim! We don't have a router but I think it might go on my next Christmas list!

The Nester said...

Oh I love to read whatever Remodeling Guy writes! He's got so much smarts about tools and such!

Great post!

Remodeling Guy said...

Hey Jen!

Thanks so much for having me here today! It was fun and I hope you invite me back sometime. I can't believe nobody thought it was strange that I would have blow guns! I thought that made us unique!

The kids bought them out west once while we were traveling and pelted each other with little plastic pellets for days! It was fun!

Thanks to everyone for the great comments too!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.