Friday, April 03, 2009

PhotoFANatic Friday featuring a 3 Year Old?!?!

Bryson Barnes, my favorite 3-year old cousin, is a budding photographer. His images have depth and meaning...WAIT, who am I kidding?! He's a 3 YEAR OLD!!! I had to feature him today because 1) I wasn't on the ball this week and 2) he really does have a photo blog and it's HILARIOUS! I highly recommend you visit his blog if you want a good chuckle!!!

What really makes me laugh is that he wanted a camera because, in my cousin Carlee's words, he wanted to "put pictures and numbers (he calls letters numbers still) on the compooter like mommy". On the very first post on his blog, Carlee writes this: I asked him why he wanted to take pictures - he said, "because i am a boy." so there you have it. I will post his pictures with his the next entries will be entirely his words...seriously. How can you not love a blog that starts off like that?

I also decided to ask a few questions of this intense photographer (through his mommy) and here's what he had to say!

1. Why do you like taking pictures? Cause I don’t. Cause I do but I want to but I want to. Never want daddy to yell at me.
2. What’s your favorite thing to take pictures of? The trees. Cause I do. Cause I want to. I want to put a CD in. Can I put a CD in here? Can I put a CD in the CD player?
3. Is it more fun to take pictures of Buck-a-bah-koo (yes, their cat is named BBQ) or Bodie (his 3 month old brother)? Bodie and you and that and that and that….
4. How old do you have to be to take pictures? Big. I’m getting big. I’m getting big. I’m getting. Mommy look at how big I’m getting! You wanna see how big I’m getting? (yes) okay – Look it! (he crawled off my lap and stood there)
5. Why do you like to put your pictures on the computer and write about them? Cause I do like to do that. I like doing pictures. That makes me happy. You know that makes me happy?

And now on to the pictures and posts!!!

That's Cory. He's a cool guy.

The sky. Thats the jungle. I like them. I want to see an animal like a zebra or a camel. At the zoo.

of the kitty? uh oh. i stepped on him. did i step on him? is that when i stepped on him? (what else do you want to say?) i want to say kitty step. kitty i stepped on buck-a-buck-koo. (why?) uh...i didnt step on him. let me see thats the foot. i wanna see thats a foot. can i see thats a foot. mommy wish i would have a computer. (you will someday) oh. i will put my pictures on the computer. oh im gunna have a computer.

(why did you take this picture?) cause i wanted to. im not gunna talk about this picture. see? i dont like bananas. i like those fruit things. i like bananas and i like computers. i like to eat computers (smacking noise) what? i like to eat you (bites my nose...STOP! anything else about the picture?) i like to eat done. i want to do it later please.

we took a picture of the ducks because they wanted to take a picture. thats why we do that. duck. he going to eat. (eat what?) the leaves! i like ducks cause i like them to eat the trees.

Seriously, when it comes to blogging and photography, I think I could take a few lessons from this kid! Such a crack-up, huh?!?! Hope you enjoy it, and be sure to come back next Friday for another PhotoFANatic Friday featuring a professional photographer and not my cousin's adorable kid...though I can't promise he won't have another guest post in the future! ; )


Katie @ said...

Oh this post is too cute! I like the interview best. I say it counts... and not as laziness.

Living with Lindsay said...

hahahahaha Hilarious!

Small House said...

Great blog! I'm now a follower. You are dang funny. And...your photos are wonderful! Have a great day.

Contemporary Portraits said...

Ok favorite post ever!! i am so going get my daughter her own blog soon!! Vanessa