Thursday, April 23, 2009

Silver Lining

This week has been a long one...and it's not even over, yet.
  • On Monday, I slept through my alarm and missed bootcamp.
  • On Tuesday morning, my car was towed...from MY HOUSE.
  • On Wednesday morning, after bootcamp, my car wouldn't start until I gunned it with some gas. On Wednesday night, I had a REALLY LONG and REALLY BORING work dinner to attend.
  • This morning, my battery died again and I had to miss a meeting to run over to Tustin Acura.
This week has been a long one...BUT,
  • I checked my mail yesterday and found a thank you note with a gift certificate to Nordstrom from one of the families I recently shot -- Seaton Family, you're too generous and thoughtful!
  • I was finally able to get my groovy navigation bar done on this blog. Thanks to Judith Shakes Designs!!!
  • I found out the domain I'd originally wanted for my photography website WAS available, and so I purchased it for 10 bucks! And now I've begun the process with a designer for a whole new image!!!
  • When I had the battery replaced in my car, I found out it was under warranty so I got a new one for FREE!!!
  • Tomorrow afternoon, some coworkers and I are competing in a charity boat of the more hilarious events of the, we get to leave work early to do it!
  • On Sunday, I'm going back up to SF for another photo workshop and I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!

Dwelling on the negative things that have happened this week won't bring a smile to my face, won't cause this week to end any faster, and won't allow me to live a grateful life. However, focusing on the positive things sure while it's not always easy to focus on the positive, I'm sure gonna try!!!

How about you? Have you allowed circumstance to get you down and situations to ruin your mood? Or have you lived a grateful life and appreciated all of the beauty around you? Let's make a pact and encourage one another this week!!!


southerninspiration said...

Way to accentuate the positive!!! Good work!


AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

I'm so jealous of your groovy navigation bar. I really want one of those...isn't it funny the things we get excited about?

I'm really happy that it's Thursday instead of Monday because I couldn't handle 4 more days of work this's that for a silver lining :).

P.S. I'm so sorry about your car.

Emily@remodelingthislife said...

Good for you! It really feels so much better to dwell on the positive :)

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder to have a thankful heart. It can be so easy to get the "blahs" at times, but it's so much better to redirect our minds to the blessings in our lives. Enjoyed your post. - Stacey