Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sneak Preview.Phoenix

Is this boy not the most precious thing, EVER?!?! Maybe I'm biased because he IS my brand new nephew... Anyway, he was such a good baby...never really cried, but coo'd a lot in his sleep. His mommy, daddy, and sissy, are lucky to have him in their family. I know he'll be another well-behaved and bright child just like his big sister because his parents are truly wonderful! Love you guys!

Look at my guns.
Something about this pic just makes me melt!


Missie Johnson said...

beautiful!!! great job sissy!!!

Mom said...

Where are the rest of the pictures? I can't wait to see them of my adorable grandson!!

Kristen said...

That second one... the feetsies one... OH MY GOSH, SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Jenny, you got some ska-zills!!!!

Beks said...

So can I call you Jenny too since Kristen did?!?!?!? ;) J/K! PJ is adorable the feetsies one is my fav also!

Katie @ said...

Those pictures are so cute. You're so lucky to be related to that little guy!