Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mah-Mah-Mahmmy Minute

See this cutie??? She's one of my dearest friends; so smart and sassy, a killer political fundraiser, and all around AMAZING friend...and today's she is bringing us the very first Mah-Mah-Mahmmy Minute. She's a new mommy to the uber-adorable Jackson, and was pretty much the first in my local group of friends to experience mommyhood...however, it started a baby bonanza and now we've got several new mommies and mommies-to-be just about everywhere we look. So, in honor of her being the first to experience mommyhood, she's giving us non-mommies and new mommies some insight (and hilarity) into this GIGANTIC journey!

10 Things Every New Mahmmy Should Know:
  • Nothing works as good as desitin
  • Oxyclean is your friend
  • The dog doesn't realize they aren't her toys
  • The baby will only scream when you're on important phone calls
  • 5am actually exists, so does midnight and 3am
  • a nice walk or drive does wonders to soothe a bambino
  • Leave your "dry clean only" in your closet for awhile longer
  • You may lose the weight, but your body is never the same
  • Falling asleep at the end of the day (whenever the end finally comes) has never been easier
  • It's all worth it: it'll be the BEST thing you've ever done!
I just love these...and can just imagine Jennifer writing them in the middle of the night...or 5am, now that we know it DOES exist. Ha! Thanks, my friend, for sharing your thoughts with us - we need to make sure that Clare and Lori read this write away! Ha!

Have any funny or poignant mommy moments you want to share in the Mah-Mah-Mahmmy Minute? Just shoot me an email or share them in the comments below!


Tira J said...

That is so great! Congrats to your friend!

The Beach Barn said...

I wanted to stop by to say "Hi" and introduce myself. A friend of my recommended your blog to me today - I'm excited to take a peek ; )

Have a good one!

Nicki said...

My blog is all about those fun mommy moments. My son cracks me up!!! Become one of my followers for fun stories of my 2 stink butts, lol.

My son once told me that he didn't want to wipe his butt because he does it all the time so he didn't have to this time, lol. More to com, more to come...