Friday, August 22, 2008

New Office

Next week, "the developer" moves into our temporary headquarters, as we're going to knock these offices down and rebuild. We're going down the street to one of our buildings that has some vacant office space above a tenant. Everyone has been joking that because it's temporary, we won't have anything will be like camping for a year. Well, last night, we went to the Camp for a tour and OH MY GOSH has this company gone bonkers. There is camping gear everywhere, about 150 Christmas trees, tree logs with camp signs and directions, the conference rooms are named after famous camping locations (Yosemite, Jellystone Park, etc), and the "common area" is anything but common. We have a flat screen TV with a WII and Guitar Hero, a 350 sq foot recreation location with corn hole, ping pong, picnic tables, and horseshoes (sand pits and all), and a ton of tents and camp chairs. It's really unbelievable! I love working here and can't wait to have the annual Halloween Party when we can invite guests to come and see it!


Jen said...

How can I get a job there??? That's so awesome, I'm jealous!

Beks said...

Jen stole my line!!!! I'll say it anyway, "where do I sign up?"!

JennyLee said...

very cool. i want to come to the Halloween party!