Monday, August 18, 2008


I've been TOTALLY remiss in posting about the 2nd Annual Waterski and Winetasting Weekend! On August 7, a group of friends and family traveled up to Lake Nacimiento, where we rented a 3,000 sq ft house in a private marina for a few days of serious fun! STJ flew in from Vegas, Justin flew in from OR, and my parents, Missie, Shuler, and I drove up from OC. The "Pagerlunds" drove down from Sacramento, too! We had such a wonderful time and came up with all sorts of ideas for next year, too!

My dad woke a bunch of us up at 6am for early ski runs, and we played and laid out on Friday. Saturday morning, after our ski runs, we went into Paso Robles and winetasted our little hearts out! We hit up Justin, Tablas Creek, Halter Ranch, and Adelaida. DELISH! We also had an Apples to Apples tournament...which I won! ; ) A few of us hit the hot tub on the deck, too...and it wouldn't be a trip with Lisa Page unless there was some sort of a dance party in the living room. Ha!

The only downside of the trip was on Sunday morning, we saw that two of our best wakeboards (and a rope) were stolen off the boat. : ( But, as my dad said..."it's just stuff."

I wish we lived closer to the lake and closer to my friends, but this was a fantastic trip and I already can't wait to do it again next year!

me on the lake first thing in the morning... it was barely 60 degrees outside, but the water was 80!
my dad in his fav place!
STJ showing us all up
how I'd like to drink my grape juice
the whole AWaWWe II group
my ski is a HO
Julie was DOMINATING everyone in the Apples to Apples tournament. : )
Missie jumping on the wakeboard
my girls!

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Beks said...

So much fun! I had such a blast last year! Thanks for the fond memories JJ! Love you!