Thursday, December 27, 2007

Belated Christmas Post

Christmas was really wonderful this year because my 10-month old niece was home with us. It's so hard having her grow up in Colorado and I crave these times to see her and watch my brother as a daddy! It was also a BLAST watching my parents as grandparents. They itch to spoil her and cuddle her and rain kisses down on her.

Because Danny and Shannon were here the week leading up to Christmas, I kinda worked a modified week in order to spend time with them. They left on Christmas day, Shannon and Grey up to Santa Cruz, and Danny back home to work the following day. During the week, we hung out, had a girls dinner, had an open house at my mom and dad's, a family dinner at my house, then the big Johnson family hoopla at mom and dad's on Christmas Eve. All 10 of my grandparent's great grandchildren were there and Santa even made an appearance. : ) On Christmas morning, we all slept in a little, then tore into a million gifts. It was sad seeing them leave. We also visited my mom's mom that evening. It makes me terribly sad to see her all alone (she's a recluse) and I don't understand why a person chooses to live that way...

2007 Christmas pic
My and my pretty sissy
Okay, how freaking cute is she?
Grey-bug eating sweet potatoes. It was a crack up to watch!
Our big Christmas gifts were plane tix to Hawaii this summer. Grey got a new Hawaiian outfit and some stylin sunglasses!
How Miss Kitty celebrated Christmas...snuggled in my bed, snoozin away! This made me laugh!
I should also mention that Barbie and I went to Christmas Eve Eve service at Mariner's. The music was incredible and the message really inspiring. Because Christmas Eve is usually nutso at my house, Christmas Eve Eve service has kinda become my tradition. Back in the day, churches used to celebrate Advent and I really feel like a lot of our teachings about Jesus' birth have diminished a little. Having said that, being at church on the 23rd really recharged my batteries. I hope that you all felt the presence of God as you celebrated His birth, too!

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