Monday, December 03, 2007

Vegas, baby!

Went to Vegas this weekend with some campaign friends and had a GREAT time...except for the fact that the crazy weather out here on Friday cancelled most of our flights, though some arrived after 1am... After rebooking and heading back out on Saturday morning, I met up with Julie and Lisa at the airport and we drove over to STJ's house. We all got ready, went outlet shopping, then came back and made a big dinner. Clarke and Jason came over for dinner and Jason brought some DELISH cupcakes for dessert! They were so pretty I had to take a photo of them!
After dinner, we all got gussied up and headed to the strip to the Venetian. STJ's hubby is their lobbyist, so we got in to Tao through the VIP list. The club was really fun, but really packed. There are dancing girls and naked girls in bathtubs was really odd! Before we headed home, we did what any normal group would do and had InNOut. : ) On Sunday morning, we got up and had brunch and lounged around and hung out before heading to the airport. I love this gang!

SAS, me, and Clarke being silly before hitting the club!

Tom & Ani, Jason & Clarke, SAS, me, Jules, Lisa, and STJ at Tao - What a blast!!!

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