Monday, October 08, 2007

Sara-Britt's Wedding Weekend

So my sweet cousin got married this weekend to a great cat, Pete. Sara-Britt Johnson is now Sara-Britt Guinta and tomorrow she and her husband will be off to their honeymoon in Guatamala (sp?). She was probably one of the most excited brides I've EVER seen. : ) It's always fun with the family gets together for big parties like weddings, etc, and last night was no different than usual...I just wish that I had taken today off like everyone else...I'm TIRED!!! : )

Emily, Sara-Britt, me, and Missie celebrating SB's marriage in advance. : )

On Saturday, everyone went winetasting in Temecula. Here are a few of Sara-Britt's bridesmaids and friends, and me and Missie. Sara-Britt is the gal in the purple. Ponte Vineyard is really yummy. I joined the wine club!

This was classic. At the last vineyard of the day, we saw this wasted lady who was passed out at a picnic table... As you can see, we weren't the only ones photographing her. Ha! I can only imagine that she had a burned booty the next morning.

Missie, Emily, and I. Emily is like an extension of the family and Missie flew out for the week. Didn't she JUST go back to school??? : )

Unfortunately, I don't have very many good photos from the wedding. It was really dark and during the ceremony, we got stuck in the far back...nice way to treat family, huh?! I'm working on getting some more from my dad and Carlee's husband Bryan...stay tuned.

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