Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween at Work

So, we have a mandatory dress up policy here at work. I thought it was a hazing thing for the new employees, but no, it's a real deal. At lunch time, we're having a big catered shabang and a costume contest, then at 3pm all the kids come for trick-or-treating and festivities.

My department was having a hard time deciding what to go as, so Boss Lady and Assistant went to a costume shop in downtown LA at 9am one day last week. There was obviously no way I could make it to the costume store, so they said they'd pick something good out for me... I NO LONGER TRUST THEM. See below:

Me as Glinda the Good Witch
(yes, the costume is too big and yes, I AM wearing a hoop skirt)

Me, Assistant, and Boss Lady

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Anonymous said...

I just showed Greta your princess "costume" and she said "That looks funny." She thought an animal costume would have been better! Ang