Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CO and TX!

These photos are a little late in coming, as I've been pretty darn busy since I've been back, but I wanted to share nonetheless!

I had a great time with Dan, Shannon, and Grey-bug. And TA-DA, she has her first tooth, and maybe even more by now as there were a couple that appeared to be close. With the one, she kinda looks like a jack-o-lantern, but she's just scrumptious!!! Shannon and I took her to have her first Halloween photos taken. She's going to be a Skunk and she did so well in the little hat for the photos...I think I would have cried if I'd had to wear that scratchy hat, but not her! We also went to my Aunt Candy's new house in Highlands Ranch, which is just up the way. My aunt made an AMAZING home cooked meal which included rolls from scratch. She's a really talented cook and it was fun seeing her new digs!

Grey in her new Halloween kitty hat I brought her.

Me, Aunt Candy, Grey, and Shannon

On daddy's lap -- don't worry, we were in a parking lot and the vehicle was not moving. I'm sure Officer Johnson would want me to put that disclaimer in there!

After my trip to CO, I flew down to Austin to stay with Robin, Jon, Mackenzie (my goddaughter) and Travis Ayers. It was so fun seeing their new home and visiting with them for a couple of days! They've only been down there since April, but have already found out all the short cuts and good shopping. : ) They live in a darling neighborhood, which I loved. On Saturday night, we had a bit of a girls night (Mack came too) and we met up with one of my best gals from college, Jamie Kay, and Lindsay, a great friend of mine from grad school. It was so fun catching up and hearing about all the news!

Me and Lindsay (she's a stay at home mom now to Zach and also has a really cute online business. Check out the link in my "friends" section!)

Mack and Travis doing arts and crafts!
Me and Mack. She looks just like her mommy!
Robin and me (sorry I look so scary!)

On Monday, Jamie Kay and I drove through the rain to Fort Worth. I had a great time catching up with her on the road. We got to Emily, Jason, and Connor's house and spent some fun time hanging out, then went to Uncle Julio's Mexican Restaurant (a college favorite) -- mmmmmmm!

Jamie Kay brought Connor an airplane - her hubby Michele is a pilot!

Emily and I went to dinner with Ashley Dixon, a dear friend from college and sorority sister

Here's me and Connor goofing around. He's a complete doll!!!

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