Monday, June 25, 2007

Proud Aunty Posting/I'm a jerk of a sister

Missie, don't think I didn't notice this... I'm on to you and your evil gift-giving ways. My Horned Frogs will fight back and send the little princess something in purple and white!
Danny's birthday was yesterday. Here father and daughter read cards celebrating his big 2-8!
Little bathing beauty. Apparently, she loves the water. Guess she's a real water baby! (PS, I had to crop this photo for modesty. Guess she's a little naked tart! Ha!)
I'm a big dummy. I forgot my brother's birthday was yesterday. Our family celebrates birthdays in a major way...and not just for presents, but to celebrate the person. I screwed up this year and didn't pay attention to the calendar and I feel awful. My brother has had a huge year of growing and I want him to know that that alone is something to be proud of! So, I'm a jerk for forgetting and not getting on the phone to let him know how special I think he is or what a tremendous man he's become. And even though he just said, "man, I'm old," I still remember him as the little boy in my ballet tu-tu and the cowboy boots. I LOVE YA, Danny-boy!

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