Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New pics of Grey!

Yes, she is the most adorable baby in the whole wide world! : )

How could you not fall in love with a smile like this?

Chillin in her new bumbo chair.

At the chiropractor. Apparently, babies go now, too. I personally have never heard of this and think the chiro looks like Napoleon Dynamite.

In a sling with daddy.

And speaking of Daddy... I am so proud of my little brother. He is an AWESOME dad. He is generous with his time, is a partner in parenting, loves to hold and care for his little girl, and is a provider. When I think of what he was like as a teenager, I get the giggles. He was always such a huge goof. He used to make up words and names for me and Missie. I have no doubt that he'll do that with his own daughter when she gets old enough to understand. He is loving and caring and fun. And this is all because he had an awesome example in our dad. I know that most people see my dad as a big teaser, who you usually had to run away from at some point, but he also has a HUGE heart. My dad is tenderhearted beyond belief and is the rock in our family. I know with an example like that, Danny will continue to be a terrific father!

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