Monday, June 04, 2007


Thursday is the big golf tournament for work! I've been taking lessons regularly and have been practicing at least once or twice a week on my own and I'm improving SO MUCH. But I'm also slightly freaked out! I keep telling my instructor to help me reset my expectations and remember that I've only been playing for a month and a half and I shouldn't expect to be great already. I'm just pleased when I get the ball in the air and if it goes straight-ish. The driver and fairway wood are going well, but sometimes I really blow it with the irons. Grrrrr. Frustration can really set in, but I need to shake it off and focus on the basics.

Another very amusing thing happened at the course on Saturday. A mom was picking her kid up from lessons and she backed into a fire hydrant and the whole thing shot straight into the sky! There was a wedding going on and the bride and groom raced over to take pics in front of it. The poor kid whose mom did it looked MORTIFIED! We laughed so hard!!!

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