Friday, March 20, 2009

PhotoFANatic Friday: Contemporary Portraits

Twittering, tweeting, twitterers, tweeters, I love it all. I love that through Twitter, a user has the chance to tell a story in 160 characters or less. Sometimes it's about home improvement, or blog updates, and sometimes it's just to vent or make someone laugh. Case in point, my pal @KimmReinvented wrote this to me about her pukey child: "@BlahBlahBlahger Thanks! The frequency is finally slowing down. She insisted on Fruit Loops, hope I don't see them again!" That's funny. I also really enjoy @badbanana who hilariously tweets things like this: "A new Bin Laden tape. He is declaring Jihad against anyone who beats him in the NCAA tournament office pool."

While reading these funny little stories makes me laugh, I've really been loving Twitter for another reason altogether...the ability to make new friends and learn new things! I can't remember how or why, but I got linked up to @CPcamera some time ago. They've been so kind and encouraging about my blog and my photography progress, and in turn, I've spent some time checking out their blog and site, too!

This talented duo from the DFW area has an incredible talent for shooting weddings and I knew that I had to feature them and soon. It was so fun to hear how excited they were to be featured, too! Jessica and Vanessa, of Contemporary Portraits, have mad skills when it comes to color. I've already told them that next time I go to TX to visit Em and the gang that I had to meet up with them to learn how they do it! Enough about what I think, let me let them tell you why they're so awesome!

1. How did you first get interested in photography? Well my parents were always taking pictures of us growing up. My mom was hardcore about updating our
albums so it was in my blood from the start! What really started it all was a crush on a boy my sophomore year in high school!! I wanted to be around him so much that I enrolled in photojournalism class that he was in! By the time the teacher had given us our first assignment I had forgotten about the boy. I WAS HOOKED!! From that day I had a camera around my neck!! I took every kind of photography class and did the same in college. When I was 19, I started working in photo studio shooting kids and families!! Working in that fast pace environment for a couple years is what gave me the confidence. Working in the studio is where I meet Jessica and we hit it off!! We were tired of the corporate setting and decided to try in on our own!! Now 6 years later it is going wonderful!! I am so blessed to have found that best business partner

2. What has your professional journey been like? Well it started slow and crazy! Jessica and I from the beginning agreed that we never ever wanted to have debt! So we saved up for everything and took baby steps! We rented all the equipment until we finally were able to buy our own! Yes, we wanted all the shiny new lenses and the best camera but we always took our time. We also knew that if we wanted amazing shoots we could not sit and wait for them. We did about 50 free shoots until we built up our portfolio with the style we wanted to achieve!! It was extremely exhausting but so well worth the time. With all the session we had done we had an abundance of images to show our potential clients!

3. In your opinion, what makes a perfect shot? The perfect shot for us is a shot that show lots of emotion. The moment a groom sees his bride for the first time, the tender way a father looks at his daughter in their last dance together, the way
a mom looks her newborn baby or a little child’s face with a smile from ear to
ear!! When you look at our photographs we want you to remember what you felt
that very moment!! To us those are actual memories that are documented.

4. What's your favorite thing to shoot? We love to shoot weddings! We love everything about weddings. The decor, the venue, the dress, the flowers, just the excitement! Weddings have shown us different cultures and we have met the most amazing people. It is just incredible to get to experience such a special day for so many different people.

5. What's the best piece of advice you were given when you were just starting out? Wow!! Here is our top 5!

  • Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!!! Photograph everyone you know. The more you shot that more comfortable you well get with posing and lighting!
  • Find your own style!! Find out what you like to shoot and keep it consistent. Study photographers that you love and use them as an inspiration. Don’t imitate them but get inspired by their creativity and technique.
  • BE YOURSELF!! Shoot what you love to shoot! Don’t do what you think is the norm or what everyone else is doing. Only you know your strengths and your loves.
  • Network and help others. Meet other photographers and help each other out. The Photography world is competitive and it can be cut throat; but it does not have to be that way!!!! It is great to get with other photographers and chat and just keep one another motivated!
  • Take your time! For every decision you make, think about, talk about it, research it, and PRAY about it!!
See?!?! They're super cool! If you're in the DFW area, I highly recommend you give these two gals a call! They're talented, yes, but also inspired. They have a purpose behind what they do and who they are, which in my opinion, makes them even cooler! You want to know what else makes them uber-cool? Their work; let's let these pictures speak 1000 words!

So, I'm nowhere near the artist these girls are, but trust me, I'm inspired! Thanks Vanessa and Jessica for playing and for being today's PhotoFANatic feature!!!

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JJ thanks so much for the awesome blog! We think it is super awesome!! Please do call us when you come up to Dallas we will get you some boots ready!! : )