Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lovely New York

This weekend, Mom, Missie, and I travelled to NYC for Missie's birthday and MLK weekend. We had a WONDERFUL time...with the exception of me getting violent food poisoning the first night we arrived. Therefore, I have fewer pictures than everyone else because I spent the first day puking my guts out.

We arrived on Thursday night, and as we landed we heard about the Miracle on the Hudson...unbelievable! Praise God that all those people survived! We cabbed to the hotel, got checked in, then headed over to Bobby Van's Steakhouse for a DELICIOUS meal! We also had one of my favorite bottles of wine, Ferrari Carrano Chardonnay. If you have the chance to order it sometime, go for it!

Fast forward to two days later when I'm alive and ready to leave the hotel. We went to Rockafeller Plaza, watched the skaters and had breakfast. Then we went down to Battery Park to see the plane, the Statue of Liberty, and a couple of other sites. Look at the ice in the's amazing those people didn't freeze to death.

Missie made a good Lady Liberty, no? We worked on this photo several times and her final complaint was that I didn't tell her to straighten her arm. Too funny.

We walked around Rockafeller Plaza again. Here's Missie in front of the Today Show window. She's such a cutie!

Oh yeah, it was 12 degrees. Not exactly a warm California winter day, huh?!

That night, we got ready to go to the theater. I'd initially made reservations for the pre-fixe dinner at The Rainbow Room, which I'd been to once was incredible and a NY landmark. However, I got a phone call a couple of weeks ago saying it had closed down. Thankfully, my friend Suzanne gave me some other great restaurant recommendations. We went to Sardi's in the theater district.

Then it was off to Wicked! My friend Alli is LITERALLY the star of the show! Girls, you've GOT to get out there to see her perform. Alli, I hope I don't embarrass you when I say I was TRULY proud of you. The moment she came down in her bubble and belted out an incredible song, I was like "that's my friend, that's my friend"...then I started to get engrossed in the show. I saw it two years ago with my family in LA, but we all enjoyed it so much more this time because we were able to focus on the performance, rather than understanding the story! Afterwards, Alli arranged for her dresser to come and get us to take us back stage. We were able to see her cute dressing room, which she's in the process of decorating, then she took us onto the stage and down underneath to see the rigging, etc. I'm sure she thinks it's boring, but to us "office" types, it's just unreal!

On Sunday morning, we met Alli for lunch again and had a nice visit. Alli, I really enjoyed spending time with you and I can't wait to see you again!
Sunday was the day when we did more touristy stuff, including a stop by the Rockettes and Magnolia Bakery. I was trying to explain to my mom that Magnolia started the whole cupcake craze when it was mentioned on Sex and the City. These were really good...but not as good as Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica (just my opinion!).

We had a snack at The Plaza on Sunday, too. What an incredible place that is!!!

Then we ran across the street to the park for a carriage ride!

After a nap, we went back up to Central Park for dinner at Tavern on the Green. We sat in the glass room and watched snow flakes come down and had a nice meal. It was a really picturesque place to be!

Just before we turned in, we took some last photos of Times Square at night. It was so beautiful and I was so glad to go, even though I was so sick. Thankfully, on this vacation, I didn't gain any weight!!! : )

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CarleeKajsa said...

so lucky to have such a great mom and sister! i am jealous - i would love to do that with candy and SB - although - i must say - i think your dad was plenty happy to be at the chili bowl!