Friday, January 09, 2009

Boot Camp

Clare, Matt, Barbie, and I have all started boot camp this week in the mornings and we've committed to doint it MWF mornings for a month. It started on Wednesday and I couldn't lift my arms over my head to wash my hair and had trouble putting on eyeliner because of the shakes. This morning was a lot of lower body, so we'll see if I'm able to stand up from a chair on my own by the end of the day! Surprisingly, getting up in the morning hasn't been too difficult, but I have been waking up all night long to see if I've missed my alarm. I think the lesson here is to not snooze anymore on Tues and Thurs and maybe I'll get better sleep. Maybe not snoozing is a new resolution! : ) A funny biproduct of the boot camp is I'm eating MUCH better because I don't want to blow away all the hard work I've done in the morning. This may be just what the doctor ordered!

PS - when we started, I insisted that the instuctor NOT use her whistle, because I wasn't paying ANYONE to scream at me. I may have scared her a little bit.

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