Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And yet, ANOTHER baby...

My best friend from college, Emily, just gave birth to her second son. She went in and shot that kid out pretty darn fast, according to Jason! I'm praying that this recovery will be light years better than the first.

Welcome to the world Brody Paul Littlejohn!!! I can't wait to meet you and give your mommy and daddy a hug and a kiss. I know that they'll continue to be wonderful parents and will give you more love than anyone else in the world can. Connor will be a fantastic big brother and the two of you will have so much fun as you navigate this crazy world together!

Love, Aunty Jenny

PS - I still think Icabod Jennifer would have made a great name for him...


Carlee just sent me a link to Hot Topic's website because little Bryson got his first modeling gig!!! He's such a cute little monkey and it appears as if he'll be taking after his daddy! I had to post just a few pics that are too stinking cute...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Love Affair

I've begun a new love affair...with my bike! A few weeks back, I met Genevieve and we rode down to Zov's for dinner. It was an easy ride and I realized that I worked my thighs. So I hopped on a couple days later. Last week, I rode two mornings for four miles, and one afternoon for 8. Last night, Missie came over and we rode to Golden Spoon and this morning, I got up a little earlier than usual and rode 8 miles again. I strapped on the iPod, the dorky helmet and my camelback and I was good to go for about 40 minutes. It was a beautiful morning and is starting to feel like fall. I definitely think this will be a good routine for me as I get the work out bug going again. : )

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introducing Jackson Peter Fitzgerald

Seeing one of your best friends with her first child is truly a surreal experience. I just got home from visiting the Fitzgeralds and baby Jackson. He's delicious and soooo tiny! Jennifer was radiant and Seanito is already in total dad mode downloading pics, wrapping the baby into a burrito, and making sure everyone supports JP's little head. : ) Hearing Jennifer's story brought tears to my eyes...she was so strong and so brave and so much in love with her little boy already that she just couldn't wait to meet him. Now that he's here, I've seen my friend give her heart away once again. God is so good!

The new mama and her little guy!
Gramacita and a smiling Jackson. : )

Sean's perfect burrito. Ha!

I got to hold the little doll, too! He's TEENY!

Shortly after this pic was taken, we realized he was hungry again. : )

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another baby!

And in other news... my dear friend from high school and dance, Rachel, had her first baby yesterday, too! Welcome to the world Delaney Rose Hinson!!! Can't wait to be there for your first dance recital!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Labor Pains - UPDATE!

One of my best girlfriends, Jennifer, has been in labor since yesterday and was just taken in for a c-section... They went in to be induced yesterday around 8am, but things didn't really get going until this morning around 5am. I can only imagine that both the moms, Jen's dad, and their families were in a wild anticipation for quite some time, which makes me think that there are other kinds of labor pains...not just those that make you push. I'm sitting here excited that Jackson Peter will be here in just a couple of minutes, but also nervous for my friend...I'm almost teary-eyed, too (good thing I'm in the satellite office today). I know she'll be fine, but I also know that she would have prefered to do this the other way. One thing I know for sure, though, is that this baby is VERY LOVED and has been wanted for a long long time. I can't wait to meet him tonight!

UPDATE -- HE'S HERE, HE'S HERE! Jackson Peter Fitzgerald was born at 2:51 p.m., and weighed in at 7.74 lbs., 19” long with lots of dark hair! According to Jennifer's mother-in-law, she came out of the surgery laughing with the nurses! Praise God!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Texas/Labor Day Weekend

Wow - this is a week behind!!! I'm becoming a blog sorry to my loyal readers (aka - mom).

Over Labor Day Weekend, I went to Austin to spend a couple of days with Robin, Jon, Mackenzie, and Travis. It was a blast...besides the 1000 degree weather. : ) I arrived on Saturday afternoon, got to the house, then almost immediately went swimming. Mackenzie was very excited to show me how she can swim under water now. She did a great job, too! And little Travis wanted in on the action, too. He jumped in to Robin a few times and wasn't afraid of going under water in the slightest!!! Robin cooked a yummy meal for dinner, as usual, and we spent some good time hanging out and visiting...a child may have projectile vomited at one point in the evening, too, but we won't mention that here. ; )

On Sunday, I joined the Ayers' family at church, then we went to La Madeline for lunch. La Madeline is an ALL TIME favorite restaurant of mine!!! They have them in DC, too, so whenever I visit either place, I try to make it over there for quiche lorraine and a potato gallette. DELIGHTFUL!

On Sunday evening, Robin and Jon graciously hosted a bbq and Jamie Kay, Michele, Angie came from south Austin and Lindsay and Tom Ballard, came with their son Zach. It's really fun because the Ballards live just down the way from Robin and Jon, too! Jamie Kay, Angie, and I haven't been together since Angie and Emily were pregnant with Greta and Connor. We all flew to Minnesota together and spent a weekend together about five years ago. Though we only spent a few hours together, I realized how much I missed my dear AXO friends. They drove up to FW to spend a little time with Emily, and I was really sad to miss that's been too long since the band was together!

I might be slightly obsessed with s'mores.

Lindsay and I (GWU friends and AXO sisters, too!)
Robin playing with Zach and showing him a cricket.

Angie, Michele and Jamie Kay, and me

And now I must brag...on Monday, Robin suggested the outlet mall in San Marcos. I thought we'd go and mull around a bit, but I hit that outlet mall HARD and got a huge jump on Christmas shopping!!! Are you jealous, yet? It is so outside my nature to get started so early, but I am so happy to have a few gifts out of the way already!!! I also bought two dresses for myself from BCBG for like 14 bucks. : )

All in all, I had a WONDERFUL time with dear friends. Thanks Robin, for making me feel at home and for continuing to be a great friend even though we're many miles away!!! Love ya, chick!

Massages, Wine, and Danny Boy

At the end of August, I also got to see Danny Boy for about five minutes! Ryan Dan (a family friend from church) got married on August 23, so Dan flew out to go with my parents. I think it was down in the Fallbrook area, so they all stayed at the Pechanga that night. Dan and my dad went and did some sort of race car thing on Sunday morning, and I went and picked up Missie and my mom for massages at the Pala Casino and Resort (they have a GREAT spa). Then we all went to Ponte for a yummy dinner (and so I could pick up a wine club shipment). We had fun being just the five of us again...for a little while, but we also really missed Shannon and Grey-bug!

Donna Summer

This summer, I've been able to see quite a few shows at the Hollywood Bowl through work. It's always a really fun time, filled with good food, great wine, and really fun music! At the end of August, I entertained two girlfriends from my Rotary club and we got to see Donna Summer! It was a blast!!!

Julie, Jen, and Ruthe