Monday, September 08, 2008

Massages, Wine, and Danny Boy

At the end of August, I also got to see Danny Boy for about five minutes! Ryan Dan (a family friend from church) got married on August 23, so Dan flew out to go with my parents. I think it was down in the Fallbrook area, so they all stayed at the Pechanga that night. Dan and my dad went and did some sort of race car thing on Sunday morning, and I went and picked up Missie and my mom for massages at the Pala Casino and Resort (they have a GREAT spa). Then we all went to Ponte for a yummy dinner (and so I could pick up a wine club shipment). We had fun being just the five of us again...for a little while, but we also really missed Shannon and Grey-bug!

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Mom said...

Jennifer Beth,
I can't believe you posted that picture of me handing you a glass of wine!!??????????????