Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introducing Jackson Peter Fitzgerald

Seeing one of your best friends with her first child is truly a surreal experience. I just got home from visiting the Fitzgeralds and baby Jackson. He's delicious and soooo tiny! Jennifer was radiant and Seanito is already in total dad mode downloading pics, wrapping the baby into a burrito, and making sure everyone supports JP's little head. : ) Hearing Jennifer's story brought tears to my eyes...she was so strong and so brave and so much in love with her little boy already that she just couldn't wait to meet him. Now that he's here, I've seen my friend give her heart away once again. God is so good!

The new mama and her little guy!
Gramacita and a smiling Jackson. : )

Sean's perfect burrito. Ha!

I got to hold the little doll, too! He's TEENY!

Shortly after this pic was taken, we realized he was hungry again. : )

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Beks said...

SO adorable!