Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Labor Pains - UPDATE!

One of my best girlfriends, Jennifer, has been in labor since yesterday and was just taken in for a c-section... They went in to be induced yesterday around 8am, but things didn't really get going until this morning around 5am. I can only imagine that both the moms, Jen's dad, and their families were in a wild anticipation for quite some time, which makes me think that there are other kinds of labor pains...not just those that make you push. I'm sitting here excited that Jackson Peter will be here in just a couple of minutes, but also nervous for my friend...I'm almost teary-eyed, too (good thing I'm in the satellite office today). I know she'll be fine, but I also know that she would have prefered to do this the other way. One thing I know for sure, though, is that this baby is VERY LOVED and has been wanted for a long long time. I can't wait to meet him tonight!

UPDATE -- HE'S HERE, HE'S HERE! Jackson Peter Fitzgerald was born at 2:51 p.m., and weighed in at 7.74 lbs., 19” long with lots of dark hair! According to Jennifer's mother-in-law, she came out of the surgery laughing with the nurses! Praise God!

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