Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Humor in Blind Dates

On twitter last night, I posted that I was going on a blind date. I actually said something about "I hope he doesn't chop me up into millions of pieces." Yes, I was being funny about my blind date, because really that's the only option.

Dating in your 30s isn't really easy. The pool of great singles gets smaller and smaller, and in my industry, men do pretty well for themselves, and let's face it...women aint stupid, they snap those men up in a hurry! So, I don't really meet available men through work. As involved as I've been at my church, I really haven't found a match there, either. So, off into the realm of blind dating I go!

The responses that I got to my tweet were hilarious! A friend in ministry texted me and told me to only have 2 drinks, wear lip gloss and emphasize my assets. Mrs. Limestone told me to order something expensive (hilarious!). Darcy asked if she could have my camera equipment (if in fact, the blind date DID chop me up into millions of pieces). Y'all stinking cracked me up!

In the past, I've gone on blind dates that have been AMAZING (never heard back from that guy), fun and flirty (until he gave me a depressingly bad smooch goodnight), and CRAZY (half way through the date he put his chin on his hand and said "we're both such attractive people, why are we still single?" Let's not forget Tiny TeethCrazy Eyes, Old Man in a Young Man's Body, and The Shrink. People, blind dates can be PAINFUL...but then again, they always make for hilarious stories.

So, if you follow me on twitter and gave me some words of encouragement, THANKS SO MUCH! I really appreciate your tweetship (twitter friendship?!).

And for those of you who are curious, the date was pretty good. He was a really nice guy and so far, doesn't deserve any crazy nicknames!


Ashley said...

Girlllll, I better be seeing you at the SMUG tonight! It's been way to freakin long!!! Especially since you're still alive.

Molly @ The Creative Maven said...

Your names for bad past dates crack me up... I named my bad dates too :).

Sandy said...

LOL. Love the last line. :)

Keep us posted!

Centsational Girl said...

JJ, I freaked when I heard you were worried about being chopped into pieces. Thank goodness you're alive, I couldn't sleep last night. :-)

Glad to know he's decent so far !! And thanks for your kind advice on the blog baby !


Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Wait - not nickname worthy? Whatever shall we call him??? I tell my lil bro all the time that I don't learn a guys name until you have been exclusive for at least three months. Until then - he shall be named something - at least so I can have a mental reminder of which one he is! :)

Glad to know you are still in one piece! And that he seems normal! Always a good sign.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I think online is great, but blind dates are not for the faint of heart, But just know...
Best friend in her early forties found herself a hot tamale, still happy 4 years later.
Very cooll 40 yr old Cousin found his wife on BD and she is amazing.
Love the names hopefully this one's nickname will become an endearment.
Good Luck! After a happy 17 years, I can tell you I had many frogs, and am thrilled because they finally led me to my Agronomist. I knew exactly what I was looking for.

The Urban Cowboy said...

haha, just found you, and am looking forward to hearing about your 2nd and 3rd date!

Robyn said...

So glad he didn't chop you up!!!

Blind dates can be awfully painful, funny, depressing, and sometimes lead you right on to "the one." Mine did!

Darcy @ m3b said...

Not yet deserving of crazy nick names = success!

Let us know.

ps - does he know you have a blog?! My sister used to read about her dates on her bf's blog. He didn't know she knew about it. It was such a riot to read his "candid" experience when he thought she didn't know.

I would giggle until I cried.

pss - I'm so glad he didn't chop you up in a million pieces.

ppss - I hope the deal stands anyway.