Monday, July 27, 2009

If You Could Change the Style of Your House, Would Ya?

Yesterday, my pal Jennifer came over and she commented that she hadn't been to my house in almost 2 years because I always came up to hers...I didn't want to believe it was true, but she hadn't seen ANY of the changes I've made since '07. I was bamboozled. But she gave me her seal of approval, which doesn't come very easily because she's got an artist's eye and great design sense. Even though she and I are at opposite ends of the design spectrum, I've always admired her commitment to her mid-century modern flair. She buys each piece in her home through painstaking research and has acquired some BEAUTIFUL antiques.

Now, I'm a traditional home girl, or at best stretch it out to transitional (channeling my home girl Candice Olsen), but part of me has always wanted to rock out a retro eat in kitchen and kitsch it up! But sadly, my current home has an open floor plan and I just couldn't commit to that kind of theme... Having said that, there was a time when I collected the cat wall clock whose eyes tic tock back and forth and funny tintype wall hangings because at the end of the day...they just make me laugh! If I still have those pieces, they're boxed up in never neverland (aka, my garage, which YES, I'm still working on!).

While I still love the style I've embraced, I certainly still admire a well designed home. For instance, even though I'd NEVER go modern, I absolutely enjoy the architectual details and how the lines all speak to each other. Take this living room example from West Elm:

The sharp lines of the sofa are broken up by the buttons, which in turn, speak to the ovaled rug, throw pillows, and starburst wall mirrors. It's sparce, but from the picture, I can imagine this setting in the home of either a really fun and funky young couple in a loft-style home in a city, or in the home of a broody, yet HOT, geek-chic lawyer who really knows how to rock out his glasses.


A couple of my best friend's have a beautiful home, filled with hacienda-style accents, which SHOCKER, is not all that uncommon in southern CA. Many of the accents are rustic, coupled with gorgeous iron work. They've done their home beautifully, but it's not my asthetic. Having said that, this style is known for incorporating bright bold colors that span the rainbow! I love a good punch of color, and Clare and Matt's living room makes me think of sunset! The clip below from House Beautiful, explains the use of color perfectly...isn't all that color to die for?!?!

I'm also not a nautical person...but again, a well done room can make me drool. I just stumbled across Simone's blog, Beach Vintage, and fell in love with the whimsy she's got going on in her home. She FRAMED three adorable vintage swimsuits. Dont' you just love that idea??? She also has whitewashed chairs at her table, which really embraces the whole beach/nautical theme.

I could go on and on about the styles that I don't care for, but still can appreciate in other's homes. My parents have a gorgeous home but it's very country and flowery and I always knew that I'd never want to see another flower again...but I still think their house is beautiful.

Do YOU have a style that you'd NEVER use, but still find attractive? OR, if you could wipe the slate clean, would you redo your home in a totally different way? I'd love to know! Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!!!


Tamara McDonald said...

For my current home I would want to wipe the slate clean and go for Spanish/Mexican. I love all the hand painted tiles in bathrooms and on stairs. Bright bold colors and terra cotta floors. Something along those lines. For my beach house that I will someday have (never hurts to dream, right!?).....I cannot wait to do a whole Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Americana type look. Very traditional, very Ralph Lauren!
Love reading your posts!

Emily@remodelingthislife said...

We bought a 60s ranch that was avocadoed and linoleumed to the max. We sort of happily stumbled into spanish style as we've remodeled and I love it. I never would've chosen it, because I just adore craftsman bunglaows but this has been a happy accident and it works well for the layout and where we're located. I love cottage style and we probably could've swung that too but to be honest, I am afraid of so much white with 2 little kids. I am certain I'll have my cottagey bungalow someday.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Don't know my style, not sure it could be defined in a quick comment.

Kelly said...

Those swim suit pictures are the cutest things! That is something so simple, but something I would NEVER think to do!