Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas tunes

We had a little friends Thanksgiving dinner at Clare and Matt's house that Jennifer actually planned, but because of the ashes and fires, had to be moved from her house. It was delicious and fun to be surrounded by a large group of friends. I made some soup, which was a disaster...tasted like hot apple sauce and not the squash/apple soup concoction that I copied off of someone else's blog! Ha!

While we were all hanging out (me with gorgeous little Jackson on my lap), Jennifer asked us all what our favorite Christmas songs were. I couldn't think of a favorite carol, but there are two songs that I LOVE to hear at Christmas time and keep in the rotation on my iPod. Enjoy!

Christmas Song, by Dave Matthews

Point of Grace, When Love Came Down (don't mind the cheesy video)

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CarleeKajsa said...

those were both so beautiful! i need to start busting out my christmas cds...i knew i would start freaking out when i started to hear christmas music!!!