Thursday, November 06, 2008

Carlee Kajsa

My wonderful cousin Carlee turned 30 on Monday! We celebrated this weekend with a murder mystery cruise in the Long Beach Harbor, Bryan flew in two of her best friends, he bought her the dining room table she's wanted for years, and then we all got together for our traditional Hibachi dinner last night!

Carlee posted on her blog and included some hilarious pics from our I'll post some from this weekend; the adult versions of ourselves. : ) Carlee is more than a cousin to me, she's like a fabulous younger sister, and most definitely a dear friend! Carlee and I were raised across the street together, went to church and school together, and even danced together. We had ups and downs like siblings often do, but at the end of the day, she's someone I admire so much. She's an incredible wife and mother (with another on the way), and on top of that, she gives so much of her time to good causes, her friends, and constant learning. When they say that we eventually become our mothers, I can honestly say that she's already becoming Auntie Candy (my fav aunt), in that she is always doing something fun with Bryson and lately she's the queen of the crafts (which totally cracks me up!). Carlee has an infectious laugh and can be silly with the best of us, but she also craves knowledge, which makes me admire her even more.

Me and Carlee before the dinner cruise

On the dinner cruise, we all had to use aliases. I was Jewish Matchmaker and Carlee was Chinese Acrobat. At one point, she had to stand up and people thought her baby bump was fake!

Happy birthday, once again Carlee. I love you!

I'm also including this pic of Sara-Britt and Pete. When we picked him up, she just noticed his new mustache. We were teasing him quite a bit, so his alias became Stache! He took the murder mystery VERY seriously and ended up winning the whole thing!


CarleeKajsa said...

you are so sweet - thanks cuz! i am so glad you could continue to be the life of the party!

Beks said...


Love the pics on Carlee's page! Oh the 80's hair!