Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Great weekend with great friends!

Simmons and STJ came to town this weekend! We had a great time together and enjoyed some of our favorite things. On Saturday, we went to Temecula and hit a few wineries, then came home, sat in the spa, and just enjoyed catching up on all sorts of topics. : ) It's so nice spending time with out of town friends and taking it easy...we didn't have too much planned, and on Sunday, had lunch, pedicures, and some hang out time down by the beach!

Me and STJ (Steph)

Us three at Ponte

Cheating my diet with a big hot chocolate

STJ left and Simmons and I went to the Laker game. We had killer seats and enjoyed watching them win in overtime!!!

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Kelly said...

Hmmm...If I were to cheat on my diet I think I would have chosen a fat hot fudge sundae rather than a hot chocolate!!