Friday, April 25, 2008


Last week, I was in DC for work and went a little early to play with friends, then I ran up to New York City after my conference was over. It was a GREAT week! I stayed with Sarah and Walter and just had a wonderful time with them...I never need a plan with Sarah and we always seem to have a ton of fun! What an easy and wonderful friendship I have with her! I also saw Clarke a couple of times and really wish that she was there more that week! I miss these two wonderful friends from my Schwarzenegger days!

I also spent some quality time with my old friend Amber and her husband, Jeff. Amber and Jeff used to live in OC and I know them through politics. I haven't spent a TON of time with them over the years, but last Monday I realized just how much fun they are and how much I miss my friend Amber! We spent about four hours together at the Capitol Hill Club catching up, being silly, and talking about challenges/life and how to solve the world. I'm so proud of Amber for the heart she has shown since taking in Jeff's niece. Amber, I know it isn't always easy, but I firmly believe you're up to the task! You can achieve anything you try! I love ya!

Me and Amber at dinner. She's such a hoot!
That same night with Sarah. We also met up with Marco and Kim (who just gave birth!). It's so great to be able to put hodge podge groups together that get along so well!
I also spent a lot of time with my friend Keirsten. I went to hang with her and her kids on Tuesday, then she went up to NYC with me on Friday. We had a WONDERFUL time on the train talking and catching up. We also went and visited an old DC friend in the city, went to Serendipity for Frozen Hot Chocolate - yum!
Me and Keir at Serendipity

We also went to see Cry Baby on Broadway. My talented friend Alli is one of the stars and in an ironic twist, one of Keirsten's college buddies was in it, too - they even had a duet together!!! Alli was INCREDIBLE! She's such a comedian and has a wonderful presence!!! Her solo was RAD and at one point she also rocks a scene in a granny bathing suit and snorkling mask. Too funny! We met her backstage and got the full awesome to see such a different career was SO NOT a cubicle! Ha! After the tour of backstage, we walked outside and people were wanting her pic and autograph...what can I say, she's a star! : ) Click this link to read a neat article about Alli and Christopher (Keir's friend) - it was in the Playbill program that we got. We also had brunch together on Saturday and had a really nice opportunity to catch up and talk about life. Alli is a great gal...she's got such a huge presence that I think people might only see her that way, but when you get her talking, she is a great communicator who has more than that to share with the world! Thanks again Alli, for a wonderful time together!

Me and Alli out in front of the theater.

PS - this was just published about the show on opening night... "The show's secret ingredient, and all-stops-out scene-stealer is Alli Mauzey, who plays Cry-Baby's whether-he-likes-it-or-not girlfriend, a deliriously delusional stalker who won't take no for an answer. She risks big with this over-the-top performance and wins. "I just keep it real for myself. Everything has meaning for me. I never try to go for a laugh. It's very real. My main objective is to, basically, get Cry-Baby. I will do whatever I have to do to get Cry-Baby. And you know what? It is a little taxing at time. I scream a lot in the show, but I couldn't do anything less or I wouldn't be honest."

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