Monday, February 04, 2008

This weekend!

This weekend started off with a fun phone call from Emily on Friday night. I was cruising around the Whole Foods food court gathering something for dinner and just chatting away with one of my favorite people in the whole world. Emily is one of those friends that I can talk to for hours, or go for stretches without talking and she's still the consistant friend I've always known. I feel terrible because earlier this month I TOTALLY missed her birthday. And I LOVE much so, that I totally have one of those birthday accounts that sends reminders about your friends and family's big days. I know, I'm lame. Anyway, Em was gracious about it as always (as a fine southern woman should be) and we picked up and talked about random stuff again. She's an AMAZING woman - a tremendous wife and fantastic mother. I love watching her with her son and hearing her stories about her crazy hubby (whom I also adore, but hearing the stories through her view of them makes them all the funnier). So Emily, let me say it again, happy belated birthday. I love ya to pieces!!!

On Saturday, I had brunch with Rebekah and Brett and Christy and Josh. Christy and Josh are friends of ours from church who are now living in Valencia so we don't get to see them as often. When they found out that Rebekah was moving to Chicago next week to be with some guy, they demanded to meet him over brunch and invited me along, too. It was such a fun time of visiting and sharing with friends that you have the same foundation as, but who are all at different stages in life. We had brunch in downtown Huntington Beach, then walked along the pier. It was actually a pretty day, too.

Christy, me, and Rebekah

On Sunday morning, I got up earlier and headed back down to the beach to watch the Surf City Half Marathon. Rebekah ran it, Emily Shuler ran it, and so did my dad! I also saw and actress that I recognized from 27 Dresses!

Shuler and the Thompsons started out with my dad, but being that they're 30 years younger, they cruised in a few minutes a head of him. Emily had her cell and called her mom to say they were turning the corner, which ended up being another hour. And did I mention that it was pouring rain, windy, and 50 degrees on Sunday morning? Brrrrr. My mom, Emily's mom, and I froze our booties off.


My dad came a bit later and as soon as he saw us, started goofing off. Go figure. I know that's hard to believe.

Then came Rebekah. She was jammin to her iPod, but I started screaming really loudly and got the whole crew in on it, too! Across the finish line was Lisa (from our small group) and she almost missed her. I actually screamed "Lisa, she's right there" right as she was passing. It was hilarious. Brett made Rebekah a trophy and they all got really cool surf board medallions to wear. Congrats to them all.

A smile of exhaustion and relief??? : )

Congrats go to me, too, as I scored a $125 kitty from the office Super Bowl pool! I went to the Fitzgeralds house for a mexican fiesta, which was amazing! It was a house filled with love and some excitement, too!

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Beks said...

Yahoo for all of the above! Thanks for coming out and making my day all the more special!

Love you!