Sunday, November 04, 2007

Glory Days

I was in Sacramento and Napa for a work conference on Thursday and Friday, so I decided to stay over with friends on Friday night. I met up with a group for dinner and then a couple of girls and I hit a cool place for breakfast on Saturday. Then on Saturday night, Sarah flew in and stayed with me before an interview. We drank a bottle of wine and talked into the wee hours of the morning, then miraculously woke up bright and early and then had breakfast at the Beachcomer down in Crystal Cove...LOVE that place. While we were eating, we both said we worried that the CFS days were our "glory days" and confessed that we were afraid that we'd never have it that good again. I love my job, but the people are so different and I guess I even am now. I live in suburbia and rarely get to see my friends because they're not my neighbors and coworkers. I am really happy with the place that I'm in, but it's a totally different way of life and I guess I just have to readjust my mindset...anyway, here are some cute pics.
Julie, Erin, and JJ at dinner in Sac

Macedo, Ani and Tom

Sarah and I at the Beachcomer

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