Friday, November 09, 2007

Birthday Pics - Updated

Monday, November 5, was my birthday which means that I'm officially "in my 30s"... no more JUST 30. ; ) But, as with all birthdays for the last 15 years, I celebrated with my family in the traditional way -- with a kickass dinner at HIBACHI in Anaheim Hills! Yummmmmm! My cousin Carlee is two years younger than me and has a birthday two days before mine, so we frequently get the whole group together and this year was no different.

I have to give Carlee a little shout out here. She's really one of the coolest chicks I know. Having been raised across the street, she's more like a sister to me than a cousin. I'm SO BLESSED to have her in my life and just adore her to pieces. She's laid back, really creative, an AWESOME mom, a supportive and loving wife, a hard worker, and a great friend! Happy First Annual 29th Birthday, Carlee -- I love you!

I also have to thank my mom and dad for my cool gifts! I got a new suit, some patio furniture (yeah!), and a new watch (the exact one I lost a couple of months ago and really wanted!). My parents are so generous and wonderful and aside from loving them for who they are, I also really like them! : ) I'm a lucky gal!

Me and Carlee (and Bryson who is hiding)
Darrol, Stephy, and me
Carlee and Bryson - how cute is this?!
The whole gang!
Pete and Sara-Britt Guinta, Julie and Craig Johnson, Carlee, Bryson, and Bryan Barnes, me and my fam, and Mandie and Jake Johnson - what a motley crew!!!

Then on Saturday, the 10th, my girlfriends threw me a little party. It was AWESOME and 100% JJ-style. We went to this great wine shop/tasting room in Costa Mesa called Wine Styles. They organize all their wines by flavor or "style". On Saturday, Jennifer and Clare arranged a private tasting party for me and my friends with all whites since they know how much I love them. We had about 7 wines to taste ranging from champagne to chardonnay with Pino Biancos and others in between. It was so much fun there. The owners let the girls bring in veggies, cheeses, and treats, too. Afterward, a few of us went next door to a yummy Italian restuarant, then Jennifer and I had a slumber party at Clare's house. I am AMAZINGLY FORTUNATE to have great friends who know me so well, support me unconditionally, and let me know that they love me. Over the last few days, I've really learned what friendship is all about and I am so thankful for the gals who came out and celebrated my second annual 30th birthday!

Me and Rebekah (love this girl!)

The two Jennifers! She organized the party and bought me some yummy wine that I liked!
Crazy Clare and Me (and a little of Jennifer's nose!). Clare made these FANTASTIC cupcakes and bought me a beautiful top and a wine bible! I think I'll read through it and mark all the vineyards around the world that I must travel to!
The group, consisting of Jennifer, Rebekah, Cherie, Clare, Emily, Mamacita, Susan, and Suzanne

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Markus said...

Omg, your dad and Craig look sooo much like Wally that it's scary. Granted, I haven't seen any of them in sixteen years... but still.

Oh, and happy birthday.