Monday, September 10, 2007

Latest addition to my house!

As I've been working on the house more and more this year, I started thinking that I wanted a more sophisticated piece in my living room that would house my TV, components, and computer. I thought I'd go with a custom piece, but then I found this cool puzzle piece from C&B. It came yesterday morning (after my rushed breakfast with Krissy-pooh at 7:30am) and then I spent the rest of the day building/organizing. I'm elated and think it looks awesome!

Look JCF, I've got candles and potpourri and pics...very girly, no?!

I also had the draperies and pillows done. I don't think I've put any pics up of them yet, so here they are. Based upon the fact that I custom made the cornice boxes with my dad using fabric from my old living room suite, I wanted to tie it all in with the new look, so I had the new pillows made using inserts from the old pillows. I couldn't be happier and it looks like I have a new custom look! Watch out Trading Spaces, here I come!


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Kelly said...

Love the curtains! I like how they kind of drag on the floor. Very pretty!