Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sara-Britt's Bridal Shower

My sweet little cousin is getting married in October and on Saturday, my mom hosted a beautiful shower for her. My mom is the Party Queen and outdoes herself each time she hosts something! Sara-Britt is SO excited to get married! She can hardly contain herself! She's such a special girl and I love her to pieces. The joke was always that she and I should have been sisters with our dark-er hair and tan skin and left Danny, Missie, Jake, and Carlee to be brothers and sisters with their fair skin, hair, and freckles! : )

Sara-Britt and Grandma June. Grandma gives a devotional for all the granddaughters at their bridal showers. This one was special though, because she was teary-eyed as she shared that 60 years ago at this time, she was busy planning her own wedding!
The cake was out of this world! It had an edible photo of SB and Pete and flowers and leaves.

Missie and Bryson (Carlee and Bryan's son) hamming it up for the camera. Bryson is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!

Congrats, Sara-Britt and Pete! I know you'll be really happy and that the last two months of your engagement will fly by and that you'll be happily married in no time at all. PS - thanks for planning your wedding in Temecula. I really like the wine there. HA!

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